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Best Of Master P Music DJ Mix Mixtape

Master P is a renowned hip-hop icon and entrepreneur hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Master P, the iconic American rapper and entrepreneur, is celebrated in this DJ mix, showcasing his best songs and albums. From chart-topping hits like “Make ‘Em Say Uhh!” to his influential role in founding No Limit Records, this mixtape captures the essence of Master P’s prolific career. Feel the nostalgia and vibe to the beats that shaped an era as you enjoy this compilation of his timeless tracks. Download this mixtape (DRAKE), play, and share the energy with friends and family, as Master P’s musical legacy lives on. Cheers to the enduring impact of a hip-hop pioneer!

Hip-hop || Rap

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Master P Greatest Hit Songs Mp3 || Best of Master P

  • Master P – Rock It
  • Master P – Bourbons and Lacs
  • Master P – Make ’em Say Ugh
  • Master P – Pass Me Da Green
  • Master P – Break ‘Em Off Somethin’
  • Master P – Grab Da Wall/Rock It
  • Master P – I Miss My Homies
  • Master P – Let’s Get ’em
  • Master P – I Always Feel Like
  • Master P – Bout It, Bout It II
  • Master P – Hoody Hooo
  • Master P – War Wounds
  • Master P – How Ya Do Dat
  • Master P – Bout It, Bout It
  • Master P – Wobble Wobble
  • Master P – No Limit Soldiers
  • Master P – FEDz
  • Master P – Gangstas Need Love
  • Master P – Ghetto D
  • Master P – I Got Candy
  • Master P – Mr. Ice Cream Man
  • Master P – You Know I’m a Ho
  • Master P – Ice On My Wrist
  • Master P – Stop Hatin
  • Master P – R.I.P. Tupac
  • Master P – I Got The Hook-Up!
  • Master P – Freak Hoes
  • Master P – Bounce Dat Azz
  • Master P – Thinkin’ Bout U
  • Master P – Smoking Green
  • Master P – Hot Boys and Girls
  • Master P – I Can Tell

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