Best of Paul Wall Songs Mp3 & DJ Mix; Mixtape


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Best Of Paul Wall Music DJ Mix Mixtape

The “Best Of Paul Wall DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download” is a collection that showcases the hit tracks of Paul Wall, offering listeners a compilation of his popular songs such as “Break Em’ Off,” “Sittin’ Sideways,” “Johnny Dang,” “Drive Slow,” “Oh Girl,” and “N Luv Wit My Money.” This mixtape allows fans to enjoy a selection of Paul Wall’s hip-hop music, highlighting his contributions to the genre.

Paul Wall, born Paul Michael Slayton, is an American rapper, songwriter, and disc jockey. He gained recognition through his association with Swishahouse and collaborations with fellow artists like Chamillionaire. Throughout his career, he released albums under various labels and achieved success with songs like “Grillz,” a collaboration with rapper Nelly, for which he earned a Grammy Award nomination.

Paul Wall Songs Mp3

1Paul WallJohnny Dang
2Paul WallSittin’ Sideways
3Paul WallBreak Em’ Off
4Paul WallSwangin in the Rain
5Paul WallDrive Slow
6Paul WallBizzy Body
7Paul WallGirl
8Paul WallDown Here
9Paul WallThey Dont Know
10Paul WallN Luv Wit My Money
11Paul Wallkick In The Door
12Paul WallI’m Throwed
13Paul WallThailand
14Paul WallCatch a Case
15Paul WallPop, Lock, And Drop It
16Paul WallI’m on Patron
17Paul WallBest Self
18Paul WallSippin’ tha Barre
19Paul WallJust Paul Wall
20Paul WallThe Other Day
21Paul WallMoney Don’t Make Me
22Paul WallHigh as Me
23Paul WallMy Money Gets Jealous
24Paul WallGot to Get It
25Paul WallBangin Screw
26Paul WallTrill
27Paul WallRidin’ 5
28Paul WallI’m a Playa
29Paul WallThinkin’ Thoed
30Paul WallMy Lac on Vogues
31Paul WallDying Breed
32Paul WallRidin’ Dirty

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