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DJ Padosky – Best of Lake Ichoku Obeledu Songs Mix || Best Lake Ichoku Obeledu Mp3 Songs DJ Mix/Mixtape

Hey, music lovers! Are you looking for some fresh tunes to spice up your playlist? If you are a fan of highlife music, you might want to check out the latest songs from Lake Ichoku Obeledu, one of the rising stars of the genre. Lake Ichoku Obeledu is a talented singer and songwriter from Anambra state, Nigeria, who has been making waves with his catchy and melodious songs. He has a unique style of blending traditional Igbo instruments and rhythms with modern beats and lyrics, creating a fusion of sounds that appeals to both young and old audiences. His songs are full of messages of love, peace, unity, and gratitude, as well as praises for God and his hometown.

One of his most popular songs is “Ebube Umuikorobia”, which means “Glory of the Children of Ikoro”. This song is a tribute to his community and its culture, as well as a celebration of his success and achievements. He sings about how he started from humble beginnings and worked hard to make his dreams come true, with the help of God and his people. He also expresses his appreciation for his fans and supporters, who have been loyal and faithful to him. The song has a lively and upbeat tempo, with a catchy chorus that will make you want to dance and sing along.

Another hit song from Lake Ichoku Obeledu is “Ife Onye Metalu”, which means “What One Has Done”. This song is a reflection on life and its challenges, as well as a reminder to be grateful for what one has. He sings about how life is full of ups and downs, joys and sorrows, successes and failures, but that one should not give up or lose hope. He also advises people to be humble and kind, and to avoid jealousy and hatred. He says that whatever one has done, good or bad, will surely come back to them, so one should always do good and be positive. The song has a soothing and mellow tune, with a smooth flow of words that will touch your heart.

If you want to listen to these songs and more from Lake Ichoku Obeledu, you can download his mp3 songs DJ mix/mixtape from this link: You can also watch his latest stage performance on YouTube: You will not regret it! Lake Ichoku Obeledu is a talented artist who deserves your attention and support. He is definitely one of the best highlife singers in Nigeria today. Download his songs now and enjoy!

Year 2023 DJ Mix – Download Latest Naija Igbo Mix

We present to you the very best of Lake Ichoku Obeledu Songs and the compilation of the songs is available for free to download.

  • Lake Ichoku Obeludu – Onye Gbuo Mmadu
  • Lake Ichoku Obeludu – Okpaku Erieri
  • Lake Ichoku Obeludu – Guy Man
  • Lake Ichoku Obeludu – Obelenwa
  • Lake Ichoku Obeludu – Ife Onye Metalu
  • Lake Ichoku Obeludu – Ana Eri Aku
  • Lake Ichoku Obeludu – Obi Anuri
  • Lake Ichoku Obeludu – Ife Melu Eme
  • Lake Ichoku Obeludu – Ebe Ana Eje
  • Lake Ichoku Obeludu – Imakwa Onye Mbu
  • Lake Ichoku Obeludu – Ife Onye Rutalu
  • Lake Ichoku Obeludu – Mu Na Onye
  • Lake Ichoku Obeludu – Odi Mma
  • Lake Ichoku Obeludu – Odi Gi Na Aka
  • Lake Ichoku Obeludu – Anu Nwelu Obi
  • Lake Ichoku Obeludu – Ewena Iwe
  • Lake Ichoku Obeludu – Engine Na Asuasu Na Malaysia
  • Lake Ichoku Obeludu – Nwa Eji Ama Atu
  • Lake Ichoku Obeludu – Aku Abig Special

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