Best of Israel Maweta Songs Mp3 & DJ Mix; Mixtape


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Best Of Israel Maweta Music DJ Mix Mixtape

“Best Of Israel Maweta DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download” is a compilation of the hit tracks by Ghanaian artist Israel Maweta. The mixtape includes his greatest hits, songs mix, and music from his albums. Israel Maweta is a renowned Borborbor artist known for his uplifting and joyful music. The mixtape showcases his popular tracks such as “Original Borborbor,” “Ku Me Madi,” “Medi Be Mayi,” and more. Israel Maweta’s energetic performances and powerful vocals have earned him recognition in the Ghanaian music scene. The mixtape is aimed at providing listeners with an enjoyable musical experience. Israel Maweta’s biography highlights his origins in Volta, Ghana, his age, genre, and years of activity in the music industry. He is recognized for his contribution to High Life music and is associated with Selaviv Records. The mixtape is a celebration of his talent and dedication to spreading positivity through music.

Israel Maweta Songs Mp3

1Israel MawetaOriginal Borborbor
2Israel MawetaKu Me Madi
3Israel MawetaMedi Be Mayi
4Israel MawetaTsor Si Gborna
5Israel MawetaWovenu
6Israel MawetaBobobo
7Israel MawetaKpelejoo Kpekpe
8Israel MawetaDzedzeme
9Israel MawetaAnuonyam
10Israel MawetaAfa Fami Minye
11Israel MawetaGbor Tohor
12Israel MawetaMy Mind
13Israel MawetaYebe Sei Ho
14Israel MawetaMawu Nyo
15Israel MawetaHalleluyah

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