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Fred Addo Early Music Life (Fred Addo Biography Tribe & Genre of Music i.e The Type of Music)

Fred Addo is a gospel singer and songwriter who was born in Ghana. He started his music career at a young age, singing in church choirs and school bands. He developed a passion for gospel music and learned to play various instruments, such as the keyboard, guitar and drums.

He moved to the United States in 1990 and joined The Father’s House Church in Rochester, New York, where he serves as a bishop and a worship leader. He has released several albums and singles, such as I Must Tell Jesus, Thank God for Gospel Music and Maranatha. His music is influenced by his African roots and his Christian faith. He blends traditional and contemporary styles to create uplifting and inspiring songs that praise God and spread His message of love and salvation.

Best of Fred Addo Old and New Mp3 Songs

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1. Fred Addo – Odo Man

Download Fred Addo – Odo Man

2. Fred Addo – Sika Ye Mogya

Download Fred Addo – Sika Ye Mogya

3. Fred Addo – Wo Ho Gye Me

Download Fred Addo – Wo Ho Gye Me

4. Fred Addo – Akwaaba

Download Fred Addo – Akwaaba

5. Fred Addo – Ma Me Nti

Download Fred Addo – Ma Me Nti

6. Fred Addo – Akoma

Download Fred Addo – Akoma

7. Fred Addo – Mepe Mepe

Download Fred Addo – Mepe Mepe

8. Fred Addo – Obi Agye Me

Download Fred Addo – Obi Agye Me

9. Fred Addo – Mo Nsem

Download Fred Addo – Mo Nsem

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