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Best Of Rose Muhando Music DJ Mix Mixtape

The “Best Of Rose Muhando DJ Mix Mixtape” is a collection of the hit tracks of Tanzanian Gospel singer Rose Muhando. It includes her best songs, greatest hits, albums, and latest songs. The mixtape features a variety of gospel tracks by Rose Muhando, showcasing her talent as the “Queen of gospel music.” Some of the songs included are “Secret Agenda,” “Ombi Langu,” “Hatumo,” “Tuipakue,” “Tabu Zangu,” “Masekete,” “Nakuuliza Shetani,” and many more.

Rose Muhando, born in January 1976, is a respected gospel artist known for her powerful vocals and inspirational music. She converted to Christianity after claiming to have seen a vision of Jesus Christ while ill at the age of nine. Her career began as a choir teacher, and she later became one of the best gospel singers of her generation. She has won several awards and signed a multi-album recording deal with Sony Music in February 2011.

The mixtape is a celebration of Rose Muhando’s gospel music career, and it offers fans an opportunity to enjoy her inspirational songs. It’s a must-listen for gospel music enthusiasts and fans of Rose Muhando.

Feel free to download and share this mixtape with others to spread the good vibes of Rose Muhando’s music.

Rose Muhando Songs Mp3

1Rose MuhandoNipe Uvumilivu
2Rose MuhandoNibebe
3Rose MuhandoWololo
4Rose MuhandoUtamu Wa Yesu
5Rose MuhandoYesu Karibu Kwangu
6Rose MuhandoKitimutimu
7Rose MuhandoMungu Wa Mapendo
8Rose MuhandoKiatu Kivue
9Rose MuhandoNakaza Mwendo
10Rose MuhandoChita Kuruka
11Rose MuhandoNdivyo Ulivyo
12Rose MuhandoNipe Macho
13Rose MuhandoWoga Wako
14Rose MuhandoMungu Kwanini Uwe Na Hasira
15Rose MuhandoShujaa Wa Msalaba
16Rose MuhandoNakuabudu
17Rose MuhandoUinuliwe Baba
18Rose MuhandoMungu Umenihurumia
19Rose MuhandoNjia Ukweli Na Uzima
20Rose MuhandoNisaidie Baba

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