Best of Rob Thomas Songs Mp3 & DJ Mix; Mixtape


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Best Of Rob Thomas Music DJ Mix Mixtape

The “Best Of Rob Thomas” mixtape is a collection of the singer-songwriter’s greatest hits, spanning his solo career and his work with the band Matchbox Twenty. The songs on the mixtape include “Smooth” (with Santana), “Lonely No More”, “This Is How a Heart Breaks”, “Ever the Same”, “Streetcorner Symphony”, “Little Wonders”, “Hold On Forever”, “Her Diamonds”, “Someday”, and “Magnificent”. The mixtape is a must-have for fans of pop, rock, and adult contemporary music.

Rob Thomas Songs Mp3

1Rob ThomasSmooth (with Santana)
2Rob ThomasLonely No More
3Rob ThomasThis Is How a Heart Breaks
4Rob ThomasEver the Same
5Rob ThomasStreetcorner Symphony
6Rob ThomasHer Diamonds
7Rob ThomasSomeday
8Rob ThomasLittle Wonders
9Rob ThomasGive Me the Meltdown
10Rob ThomasMockingbird
11Rob ThomasHold On Forever
12Rob ThomasPieces
13Rob ThomasI Think We’d Feel Good Together
14Rob ThomasCan’t Help Me Now
15Rob ThomasOne Less Day (Dying Young)
16Rob ThomasEarly in the Morning
17Rob ThomasFunny


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