Best of The Wailing Souls Songs Mp3 & DJ Mix; Mixtape


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Best Of The Wailing Souls Music DJ Mix Mixtape

The Wailing Souls are a Jamaican reggae vocal group with a history dating back to the late 1960s. They are renowned for their soulful vocals, catchy melodies, and socially conscious lyrics. Some of their most popular tracks include “War,” “Jah Give Us Life,” “Back Biter,” and “Things and Time.”

A Wailing Souls DJ Mix is a compilation of their top hits, skillfully blended by a DJ. It offers a fresh and exciting way to enjoy their music, allowing listeners to appreciate the depth of their catalog.

Wailing Souls Mixtapes are another fantastic way to explore the group’s music. These mixtapes often contain rare and unreleased tracks, along with remixes of their classic tunes.

Whether you’re a dedicated fan or just discovering The Wailing Souls, exploring their music through DJ mixes, greatest hits compilations, or mixtapes is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in their exceptional musical journey.

The Wailing Souls Songs Mp3

1The Wailing SoulsWar
2The Wailing SoulsJah Give Us Life
3The Wailing SoulsBack Biter
4The Wailing SoulsThings and Time
5The Wailing SoulsFirehouse Rock
6The Wailing SoulsShark Attack
7The Wailing SoulsBredda Gravalicious
8The Wailing SoulsOld Broom
9The Wailing SoulsRow Fisherman
10The Wailing SoulsKingdom Rise Kingdom Fall
11The Wailing SoulsVery Well
12The Wailing SoulsRun My People
13The Wailing SoulsAct of Affection
14The Wailing SoulsSweet Sugar Plum
15The Wailing SoulsFace the Devil
16The Wailing SoulsStick Together
17The Wailing SoulsJoy Within Your Heart
18The Wailing SoulsMr. Fire Coal Man
19The Wailing SoulsLay It on the Line
20The Wailing SoulsSee Baba Joe
21The Wailing SoulsThey Don’t Know Jah
22The Wailing SoulsWho No Waan Come
23The Wailing SoulsLawless Society
24The Wailing SoulsRude Boy Say Him Bad
25The Wailing SoulsReal Rock


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