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Abigail Omonu  ( The introduction to Igala people)

One of the ethnic groups of Nigeria is the Igálá. The Igala played important roles in the creation of Nigeria since they once served as the host community for Lokoja, when Lugard served as governor. Beyond the current border, the Igala Kingdom was larger. A roughly triangular region of 14,000 km2 (5,400 sq mi), formerly known as the Igala Kingdom, is where they call home. It is located in the angle created by the Benue and Niger rivers. The region, which is currently a part of Kogi State, was once known as the Igala Division of the Kabba province. Kogi state’s Idah serves as the capital. Kogi state is home to the majority of Igala people. Idah, Igalamela/Odolu, Ajaka, Ofu, Olamaboro, Dekina, Bassa, Ankpa, Omala, and other places are where you can find them.


Best of Abigail Omonu songs

Are you looking for old Abigail Omonu songs ? Below are best collection of Abigail Omonu songs you can download.

1. Abigail Omonu – ENEBI 

Download Mp3 Abigail Omonu – ENEBI 

2.Abigail Omonu – Akpabana

Download Abigail Omonu – Akpabana

3. Prospa Ochimana and  Abigail Omonu – Dojima nwu Ojo

Download Mp3 Prospa Ochimana and  Abigail Omonu – Dojima nwu Ojo

4. Abigail Omonu High – Tension Igala Praise

Download Mp3 Abigail Omonu High – Tension Igala Praise

5. Abigail Omonu  – Ene Chei

Download Mp3 Abigail Omonu  – Ene Chei

6. Abigail Omonu  – Umene Keche

Download Mp3 Abigail Omonu  – Umene Keche

7. Abigail Omonu – Agaba Idu (Vol 1)

Download Mp3 Abigail Omonu – Agaba Idu (Vol 1)

8.Abigail Omonu – Ufedo Mi O

Download Mp3 Abigail Omonu – Ufedo Mi O



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