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Chika Okpala Early Music Life (Chika Okpala Biography Tribe & Genre of Music i.e The Type of Music)

Bro Chika Okpala is a renowned Igbo gospel musician who is popularly known for his comedy and music. He started his musical career early as a member of the band.
Chika Okpala or Bro Chika Okpala, born 1952 is Nigerian Singer, Songwriter and Legendary Gospel Musician. He hailed from Achina Town.

He has released many songs and has won several awards, including the Nigerian Music Awards. He is also a philanthropist and a preacher who uses his music to spread the gospel and uplift the people.

Best of Chika Okpala Old and New Mp3 Songs

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1. Chika Okpala – N’ime Chukwu

2. Chika Okpala – Oke Chukwu Nyerem

3. Chika Okpala – Chukwu N’eburum Agha

4. Chika Okpala – Uche Chukwu

5. Chika Okpala – Onye ala n’azu

6. Chika Okpala – JESUS KA EKWENSU KE

7. Chika Okpala – Mma Chukwu Mèrè

8. Chika Okpala – Osondu

9. Chika Okpala – Mgbe anyị ga elu

10. Chika Okpala – Udo


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