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Edo/Benin Gospel Music Early Music Life (Edo/Benin Gospel Music Biography Tribe & Genre of Music i.e The Type of Music)

Edo/Benin gospel music is a form of Christian music that originated from the Edo and Benin ethnic groups in Nigeria. It is influenced by the traditional music of these cultures and other genres such as highlife, juju, and reggae. Edo/Benin gospel music uses local languages, drums, percussion, guitars, keyboards, and vocal harmonies. Some prominent artists in this genre include Osayomore Joseph, Sister Agatha Moses, Chris Id, and Princess Pat Akpabio.

Edo/Benin gospel music can be considered as a type of early music, which refers to music composed before the 18th century or following the styles and practices of that period. Early music is often performed using historical instruments or replicas, focusing on the historical context and performance practice. Early music encompasses various musical traditions from different regions and cultures, such as medieval, Renaissance, baroque, classical, and folk music.

Edo/Benin gospel music reflects the life and faith of the Edo and Benin people, who are among the oldest and most culturally rich ethnic groups in Nigeria. Their history dates back to the ancient Benin Empire, one of the most powerful and influential civilizations in West Africa. The Edo and Benin people have a strong sense of identity and pride in their heritage, language, art, and religion. They are known for their elaborate bronze sculptures, intricate beadwork, colorful festivals, and diverse musical expressions.

Best of Edo/Benin Gospel Music Old and New Mp3 Songs

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1. Don Cliff – Appreciate The King

2. Naomi Ehigie – Uwagbae

3. Pst. Similac Igunbo – Osa Itutea

4. Pst. Similac Igunbo ft. Freddie – Walar

5. St Albert Choir – Osasenaga

6. Palmer Omoruyi – Aiguosatile

7. Apostle Ogbonmwan – Jesu Okakuo

8. Xaint Dextiny – Osagbemwen Orhue

9. Naomi Ehigie – Testimony

10. Blessing Daniel – Ekenagbon Naehmwen

Download Blessing Daniel – Ekenagbon Naehmwen


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