Idoma Mp3 Songs – All Top Best Tracks


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Early Music Life Idoma (Idoma Biography)

The Idomas are a people who live primarily in the lower western areas of Benue State, Nigeria, with some also living in Taraba State, Cross Rivers State, Enugu State, Kogi State, and Nasarawa State. The Idoma language belongs to the Akweya subgroup of the Volta-Niger family of Idomoid languages, which also includes the Igede, Alago, Agatu, Etulo, Ete, Akweya (Akpa), and Yala languages of Benue, Nasarawa, Kogi, Enugu, and Northern Cross River states. The Yatye-Akpa subgroup is closely related to the Akweya subgroup. The majority of the territory is inland, south of the River Benue, about 72 kilometers east of its confluence with the River Niger. The Idoma tribe is known for being classy ‘warriors’ and ‘hunters,’ but also for being hospitable and peace-loving.

Best of Idoma Mp3 Songs

Are you looking for Idoma songs? Below are best collection of Idoma Mp3 songs you can download

1. Peter Otulu – Aloga Eeh

Download Mp3 Peter Otulu – Aloga Eeh

2. Peter Otulu – Odi Wepepe

Download Mp3 Peter Otulu – Odi Wepepe

3. Peter Otulu – Edo’Koichonya

Download Mp3 Peter Otulu – Edo’Koichonya

4. Monica Ogah – Onye Le Ba Wa

Download Mp3 Monica Ogah – Onye Le Ba Wa

5. Chris Morgan – Ogba Chogba

Download Mp3 Chris Morgan – Ogba Chogba

6.  Peter Otulu – Abancha (Empty Hand)

Download Mp3 Peter Otulu – Abancha (Empty Hand)

7. Abraham Akatu – Wait On You

Download Mp3 Abraham Akatu – Wait On You

8. Owie Abutu – Osimin Atata

Download Mp3 Owie Abutu – Osimin Atata

9. Peterson Okopi – Osuba

Download Mp3 Peterson Okopi – Osuba

10. Peter Otulu – Kana

Download Mp3 Peter Otulu – Kana


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