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Early Music Life of King Sunny Ade (King Sunny Ade Biography)

King Sunny Adeoriginal name Sunday Adeniyi, (born September 22, 1946, Oshogbo Nigeria), Nigerian popular musician in the Vanguard of the development and international popularization of Juju music—a fusion of traditional Yoruba vocal forms and percussion with Western  Rock and Roll.

“King” Sunny Ade enjoyed noble status not only through birth into the Yoruba royalty of southwestern Nigeria but also through popular acclaim as the “King of Juju” since the late 1970s. In his youth , Kind Sunny Ade played highlife, a type of urban dance music that emerged in Ghana in the late 19th century and blended elements of Church Music, military brass-band music, sea shanties, and various local African traditions. In the mid-1960s, King Sunny Ade abandoned highlife for juju, a related musical genre that arose in Nigeria in the 1920s as an expression of the urban Yoruba working class.

Best of  King Sunny Ade Mp3 Songs

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? Below are best collection, of Kind Sunny Ade  Mp3 songs you can download.

1.King Sunny Ade – Merciful

2.King Sunny Ade –  Appreciation

3. King Sunny Ade – Aiye nreti eleya Mi

4. King Sunny Ade – Emujo

5. King Sunny Ade -Ja Funmi

6. King Sunny Ade – Suku Bam Bam

7. King Sunny Ade -Ma Jaiye Oni

8. King Sunny Ade – Ariya

9. King Sunny Ade – Mo ti Mo

10. King Sunny Ade – Let them say


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