Best of Everton Blender Songs Mp3 & DJ Mix; Mixtape


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Best Of Everton Blender Music DJ Mix Mixtape

The “Best Of Everton Blender DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download” is a collection of Everton Blender’s hit tracks, including songs like “Lift Up Your Head,” “Ghetto People Song,” “You Will Make It If You Try,” “Blow Your Nose,” “Blen’ Dem,” and many more. Everton Blender is a reggae singer and producer known for his smooth vocals and spiritually uplifting themes. This mixtape offers a selection of his best work, bridging the gap between roots reggae and dancehall.

Everton Blender, born on November 21, 1954, in Clarendon, Jamaica, has had a long and successful career in the music industry. He started singing in the late 1970s, initially performing under the name “Babbaru” and later gaining recognition with singles like “We No Just’ a Come” after returning to music in the early 1990s. He achieved commercial success, especially in Jamaica and the United Kingdom.

This mixtape is described as “lit,” and it’s recommended for fans of Everton Blender’s music and reggae enthusiasts. It’s available for download and sharing with friends and family to spread the good vibes. Everton Blender’s songs are known for their positive messages and catchy melodies, making this mixtape a great addition to any reggae music collection.

Everton Blender Songs Mp3

1Everton BlenderBabylon No Know This
2Everton BlenderDefender of the Faith
4Everton BlenderFree Up Yourself
5Everton BlenderGhetto People Song
6Everton BlenderGoing Down
7Everton BlenderI Love Jah Jah (feat. Daddy Marshall)
8Everton BlenderLet Not Your Heart Be Trouble
9Everton BlenderLift Up Your Head
10Everton BlenderLiving in Love
11Everton BlenderRastafarian
12Everton BlenderSing For Jah
13Everton BlenderSound Dead Inna the Arena
14Everton BlenderHigher Heights
15Everton BlenderHigher Heights Revolution
16Everton BlenderWhite River Reggae Bash (Live)
17Everton BlenderCant Take My Space Reggae Dud Wise
18Everton BlenderJah Vibes
19Everton BlenderWhere Is the Love
20Everton BlenderAli Ali Ho
21Everton BlenderBlend Dem
22Everton BlenderCome On Down
23Everton BlenderOne Love
Everton Blender Mix download
Download Everton Blender You Will Make It If You Try


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