Best of Remmy Ongala Songs Mp3 & DJ Mix; Mixtape


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Best Of Remmy Ongala Music DJ Mix Mixtape

The “Best Of Remmy Ongala DJ Mix Mixtape” is a collection of Remmy Ongala’s greatest hits, available for download in MP3 format. It features a variety of his songs, including “No Money, No Life,” “Kifo,” “Kipenda Roho,” “Mariam Wangu,” “Nasikitika,” “Dole,” and many more.

Remmy Ongala was a renowned Tanzanian guitarist and singer, born in Kindu, Belgian Congo (modern-day Democratic Republic of the Congo) on February 10, 1947. He passed away on December 13, 2010, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He was known for his contribution to the soukous music genre and his influence on Tanzanian hip-hop.

The mixtape offers a great opportunity to enjoy the timeless music of Remmy Ongala and share it with friends and family. His songs often addressed important social issues such as poverty, AIDS/HIV, urbanization, and family life, earning him the nickname “Sauti ya Mnyonge” or “Voice of the poor man.”

This mixtape is a tribute to Remmy Ongala’s musical legacy, and it provides a comprehensive selection of his songs for fans to enjoy.

Remmy Ongala Songs Mp3

1Remmy OngalaNo Money, No Life
2Remmy OngalaKifo
4Remmy OngalaKipenda Roho
5Remmy OngalaMariam Wangu
6Remmy OngalaNasikitika
7Remmy OngalaDole
8Remmy OngalaSiku Ya Kufa
9Remmy OngalaPamella
10Remmy OngalaKidogo Kidogo
11Remmy OngalaWhat Can I Say?
12Remmy OngalaNalia Mwana
13Remmy OngalaMwungo
14Remmy OngalaMuziki Asili Yake Wapi
15Remmy OngalaUsingizi
16Remmy OngalaNarudi Nyumbani
17Remmy OngalaMrema
18Remmy OngalaKilio
19Remmy OngalaAmisa
20Remmy OngalaTamwiki
21Remmy OngalaKilio
22Remmy OngalaMosese
23Remmy OngalaKarola
24Remmy OngalaSauti Ya Mnyonge
25Remmy OngalaI Want To Go Home
26Remmy OngalaDodoma
27Remmy OngalaOne World
28Remmy OngalaNiseme Nini
29Remmy OngalaMwanza
30Remmy OngalaMume Wangu
31Remmy OngalaLiving Together
Wimbo Wa Remmy Ongala – Kifo
Amisa Remmy Ongala


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