Best of Dru Hill Songs Mp3 & DJ Mix; Mixtape


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Best Of Dru Hill Music DJ Mix Mixtape

The “Best Of Dru Hill DJ Mix Mixtape” is a compilation featuring the hit tracks of the American R&B group Dru Hill. This mixtape includes some of Dru Hill’s best songs, greatest hits, albums, latest songs, and more. Dru Hill is known for their soulful and versatile music, spanning various genres such as soul, hip hop, and gospel.

Some of the notable songs featured in this mixtape include “How Deep Is Your Love,” “In My Bed,” “Never Make a Promise,” and “We’re Not Making Love No More.” Dru Hill’s music is known for its smooth harmonies and R&B sound, making it a great choice for fans of the genre.

Listeners can download, play, and share this mixtape with friends, family, and loved ones to enjoy the timeless and soulful music of Dru Hill. It’s a great addition to any music playlist for those who appreciate classic R&B hits.

Dru Hill Songs Mp3

1Dru HillIn My Bed
2Dru HillHow Deep Is Your Love (featuring Redman)
3Dru HillNever Make a Promise
4Dru HillTell Me
5Dru Hill5 Steps
6Dru HillBeauty
7Dru HillThese Are the Times
8Dru HillWe’re Not Making Love No More
9Dru HillI Love You
10Dru HillYou Are Everything (featuring Ja Rule)
11Dru HillApril Showers
12Dru HillSleeping in My Bed (So So Def Remix) (featuring Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat)
13Dru HillWhatever You Want (featuring Mr. Black)
14Dru HillI Should Be…
15Dru HillYou Are Everything (Remix) (featuring Ja Rule)
16Dru HillI Do (Millions)
17Dru HillLove MD
18Dru HillEnter the Dru
19Dru HillHold Me
20Dru HillLove’s Train

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