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King Ayisoba All Songs Mix || Best King Ayisoba Mp3 Songs DJ Mix/Mixtape Music

If you are a fan of King Ayisoba, the Ghanaian musician who blends traditional kologo music with modern beats and lyrics, you will love this DJ mix of his best songs. This mixtape features some of his most popular hits, such as “I Want to See You My Father”, “Wicked Leaders”, “Africa Needs Africa” and more. You will enjoy the unique sound and message of King Ayisoba, who sings in English, Frafra and Twi. This is a perfect music mix for any occasion, whether you want to relax, dance or learn more about Ghanaian culture.

Year 2023 DJ Mix – Latest Ghana Music Dj Mix

latest King Ayisoba mix. “Get ready for a musical journey filled with the latest and greatest tunes by the one and only King Ayisoba. This mixtape showcases the best of King Ayisoba’s music and is guaranteed to get you moving and grooving. With a unique blend of traditional and modern sounds, King Ayisoba’s music is a true reflection of the rich culture and heritage of Ghana. So, why wait? Download this mixtape now and experience the magic of King Ayisoba’s music like never before. Get ready to be transported to a world of rhythm, beats, and soulful melodies as you listen to this amazing mixtape. Don’t miss out on this chance to be a part of the King Ayisoba movement, download now and enjoy the Best of King Ayisoba’s Mixtape!”

King Ayisoba is a Ghanaian musician who plays the kologo, a traditional stringed instrument. He is known for his unique blend of traditional and modern music styles, and his lyrics that address social and political issues. King Ayisoba sings in Twi, English and Frafra, and has collaborated with many other artists, such as Kontihene, Wanlov da Kubolor and Lee “Scratch” Perry. Some of his popular songs include Obiara eni begye, Fa mi sika mami, Wicked Leaders, Modern Ghanaians and Champion no easy. He has won several awards and performed at international festivals. He is married with two children.

  • King Ayisoba – Modern Ghanaians (feat. Kontihene, Kwabena Kwabena + Kwaku-T)
  • King Ayisoba – Wicked Leaders
  • King Ayisoba – 1000 Can Die (feat. M3nsa & Lee “Scratch” Perry)
  • King Ayisoba – Don’t Do the Bad Thing
  • King Ayisoba – Africa Needs Africa (feat. Wanlov da Kubolor & Big Gad)
  • King Ayisoba – Wekana (feat. Zea)
  • King Ayisoba – Grandfather Song
  • King Ayisoba – Dapagara (feat. Orlando Julius & Zenabu)
  • King Ayisoba – Wine Lange (feat. Sakuto Yongo)
  • King Ayisoba – Anka Yen Tu Kwai (feat. Atinbila & Steven Anaho)
  • King Ayisoba – Obiara Eni Begye
  • King Ayisoba – Champion No Easy (feat. Batman)
  • King Ayisoba – Suro Nipa

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