Best of Peter Gabriel Songs Mp3 & DJ Mix; Mixtape


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Best Of Peter Gabriel Music DJ Mix Mixtape

The “Best Of Peter Gabriel DJ Mix Mixtape” is available for download and features a compilation of hit tracks by English singer-songwriter Peter Gabriel. The mixtape includes popular songs such as “Turn It On Again,” “In Your Eyes,” “Sledgehammer,” “Don’t Give Up,” “Solsbury Hill,” “The Book of Love,” and more. It offers a collection of his greatest hits, showcasing his diverse musical style encompassing progressive rock, art rock, art pop, worldbeat, and more.

Peter Gabriel, born on February 13, 1950, initially gained fame as the lead singer of the progressive rock band Genesis. After departing from Genesis in 1975, he embarked on a successful solo career, marked by his debut single “Solsbury Hill.” One of his standout albums, “So” (1986), boasts the highly acclaimed single “Sledgehammer,” which garnered numerous MTV Awards and holds the distinction of being MTV’s most played music video of all time.

Throughout his career, Peter Gabriel has demonstrated versatility in music, incorporating elements from various genres into his work. His influence spans not only his artistry but also his activism.

The mixtape offers listeners the chance to relish a selection of Peter Gabriel’s best songs, presenting an overview of his musical journey and contributions. It encourages downloading, playing, and sharing the mixtape to spread the enjoyment among friends, family, and fellow music enthusiasts.

Peter Gabriel Songs Mp3

1Peter GabrielSolsbury Hill
2Peter GabrielIn Your Eyes
3Peter GabrielSledgehammer
4Peter GabrielDon’t Give Up
5Peter GabrielBig Time
6Peter GabrielShock the Monkey
7Peter GabrielGames Without Frontiers
8Peter GabrielRed Rain
9Peter GabrielDigging in the Dirt
10Peter GabrielSteam
11Peter GabrielMercy Street
12Peter GabrielBiko
13Peter GabrielCome Talk to Me
14Peter GabrielThe Book of Love
15Peter GabrielI Have the Touch
16Peter GabrielGrowing Up
17Peter GabrielHere Comes the Flood
18Peter GabrielKiss That Frog
19Peter GabrielBlood of Eden
20Peter GabrielWashing of the Water
21Peter GabrielThe Rhythm of the Heat
22Peter GabrielSan Jacinto
23Peter GabrielThat Voice Again
24Peter GabrielThe Barry Williams Show
25Peter GabrielSignal to Noise
26Peter GabrielThe Tower That Ate People
27Peter GabrielSecret World
28Peter GabrielGrowing Up (Tom Lord-Alge Mix)
29Peter GabrielMore Than This
30Peter GabrielNo Self Control
31Peter GabrielHumdrum
32Peter GabrielRed Rain (Live)
33Peter GabrielShock the Monkey (Live)
34Peter GabrielFamily Snapshot (Live)
35Peter GabrielSolsbury Hill (Live)
36Peter GabrielMercy Street (Live)
37Peter GabrielDon’t Give Up (Live)
38Peter GabrielSledgehammer (Live)


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