Best of Omo Jesu Songs Mp3 & DJ Mix; Mixtape


Best Of Omo Jesu Music DJ Mix Mixtape

The “Best Of Omo Jesu DJ Mix Mixtape” is a compilation of Nigerian gospel singer Omo Jesu’s songs. It includes popular tracks such as “Thank God,” “Somebody,” “Boko Haram,” “Repercussion,” “Shoko Whyne Me Small,” “Show Me the Way,” and many others. Omo Jesu is known for his energetic performances and spreading positivity through his music. The mixtape aims to showcase his talent and dedication. Listeners are encouraged to download, play, and share the mixtape with others. Omo Jesu’s songs are sung mostly in the local language, and his “Thank God” album is highlighted in this collection. The mixtape encompasses a range of his hits, offering an opportunity for fans to enjoy his music.

Omo Jesu Songs Mp3

1Omo JesuThank God
2Omo JesuSomebody
4Omo JesuBoko Haram
5Omo JesuRepercussion
6Omo JesuShoko Whyne Me Small
7Omo JesuShow Me the Way
8Omo JesuThis Year na Your Year
9Omo JesuFlood Disaster
10Omo JesuShayo
11Omo JesuNa You I Know
12Omo JesuWangawa
13Omo JesuKpalasa Remix
14Omo JesuKpalasa
15Omo JesuLeave Me
16Omo JesuThis Year
17Omo JesuShoko Wyne Me Small
18Omo JesuGive it to Me
19Omo JesuBlessing Year
20Omo JesuE No Follow
21Omo JesuWetin Concern You
22Omo JesuLong Life
23Omo JesuWho Won Teris
24Omo JesuGod Na You Know
25Omo JesuOmoge You Too Fine
26Omo JesuI Dey Provoke
27Omo JesuKpala Kpala
28Omo JesuI Still Dey Alive
29Omo JesuNa You Be My God
30Omo JesuOpe
31Omo JesuWangerewa
32Omo JesuLiving God
33Omo JesuHalleluyah
Best of omo jesu songs mp3 & dj mix mixtape download
Best of omo jesu songs mp3 & dj mix mixtape 2020
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