Best of Pastor Chingtok Songs Mp3 & DJ Mix; Mixtape


Best Of Pastor Chingtok Music DJ Mix Mixtape

The “Best Of Pastor Chingtok DJ Mix Mixtape” is a collection of Pastor Chingtok’s hit tracks available for Mp3 download. Pastor Chingtok Ishaku is a Nigerian Pastor, Bible teacher, and psalmist known for his passion for restoring God’s earth. The mixtape includes Pastor Chingtok’s greatest hits, songs mix, music mixtape, gospel songs mix, and more. It’s a compilation of his music for fans to enjoy. You can download, play, and share this mixtape with friends and loved ones. Pastor Chingtok is the founder of God-Life Assembly International and is known for his worship and teaching. His music, including “Lion and the Lamb,” has been a blessing to many.

Pastor Chingtok Songs Mp3

Here’s the list you provided in tabular format with “TRACKLIST,” “ARTIST,” and “SONG TITLE” columns:

1Pastor ChingtokHausa Hymns & Spiritual Songs
2Pastor ChingtokForever God
3Pastor ChingtokMy Devotion / Touch Your Heart Medley
4Pastor ChingtokI Desire
5Pastor ChingtokHausa Choruses
6Pastor ChingtokLion and the Lamb
7Pastor ChingtokGlory Chant
8Pastor ChingtokTake Me Deeper
9Pastor ChingtokGlory to Glory
10Pastor ChingtokNina Yesu Ne (Romans 8:35-39)
11Pastor ChingtokIndescribable God
12Pastor ChingtokYesu Ya Karbe Ni
13Pastor ChingtokWorship Medley: We Bless You Lord / Lord We Give You Praise / B’shem Adonai / I Will Praise You / Chants
14Pastor ChingtokHoly Is the Lord
15Pastor ChingtokKaunar Ka, Oh Ya Yesu
16Pastor ChingtokSujada Medley
17Pastor ChingtokGrace in My Direction
18Pastor ChingtokJudah’s Lion (Psalms 9:11)
19Pastor ChingtokThe Only Wise God
20Pastor ChingtokYou Reign in All the Earth
21Pastor ChingtokDear Lord I Come
22Pastor ChingtokSoaking Worship & Hausa Medley
23Pastor ChingtokYou Are Holy (Psalms 104:1-4)
24Pastor ChingtokFor Our God Is King
25Pastor ChingtokI Want to See You
26Pastor ChingtokA Cikin Duniyan Nan Yanzu
27Pastor ChingtokRivers from Within
28Pastor ChingtokGod You Reign
29Pastor ChingtokB’shem Adonai
30Pastor ChingtokCrown of All the Ages
31Pastor ChingtokKarbi Yabo (Psalms 24:1)
32Pastor ChingtokHalleluyah You Reign
33Pastor ChingtokSpeak Your Word (Psalms 19:7-14)
34Pastor ChingtokSunar Yesu
35Pastor ChingtokYou Are God
36Pastor ChingtokGaze Within Your Love
37Pastor ChingtokNaka Ne
38Pastor ChingtokKayan Ado Na
39Pastor ChingtokAnchor (Hebrews 6:13-20)
40Pastor ChingtokChants Medley: Receive Our Praise / You Are God / Chants / Nina Yesu Ne (Psalms 51:17)
41Pastor ChingtokDaukaka Ta Tabbata / Halleluyah (Psalms 29:2)
42Pastor ChingtokDeeper Still
43Pastor ChingtokYou Are My God
44Pastor ChingtokDogara Ga Sunnan Yesu
45Pastor ChingtokSai Kun Zo Gun Yesu Domin Gafara
46Pastor ChingtokNa Ji Kiran Ka Yanzu, Ya Ubangiji Na
47Pastor ChingtokRike Ni Ya Yesu
48Pastor ChingtokOh the Breathe
49Pastor ChingtokRiver of Eden
50Pastor ChingtokEternally You Are God

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