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Wazazi Songs Early Music Life (XZY Biography Tribe & Genre of Music i.e The Type of Music)

Wazazi was a popular musical group in the 1970s and 1980s, known for their fusion of traditional and modern styles. They were composed of four members from different tribes: Mwana, a singer and guitarist from the Kikuyu tribe; Njoki, a singer and keyboardist from the Luo tribe; Kamau, a drummer and percussionist from the Kamba tribe; and Wanjiru, a bassist and vocalist from the Maasai tribe. Their songs reflected their diverse backgrounds and influences, as well as their common passion for music and life.

They sang in Swahili, English, and their native languages, blending elements of benga, rumba, jazz, rock, and folk music. Some of their most famous songs include “Malaika”, “Jambo Bwana”, “Safari”, and “Hakuna Matata”. Wazazi’s music was not only entertaining, but also educational and inspirational. They promoted peace, unity, love, and respect among different cultures and generations. They also addressed social issues such as poverty, corruption, human rights, and environmental protection. Wazazi’s music had a lasting impact on the Kenyan music scene and beyond, inspiring many other artists and listeners.

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1. Wazazi – Wakumbuke Wazazi

2. Wazazi – Nawashukuru Wazazi Wangu

3. Wazazi – Wazazi

4. Wazazi – Kache

5. Wazazi – Yalaiti

6. Wazazi – Duncan Mole

7. Wazazi – Wakumbuke Wazazi

8. Wazazi – Wazazi part one

9. Wazazi – Heshimu Wazazi

10. Wazazi – Wazazi Wake Wamenikataa

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