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Best Of Glenn Lewis Music DJ Mix Mixtape

“The ‘Best Of Glenn Lewis’ is a musical journey that pays homage to the soulful and timeless artistry of Glenn Lewis. This mixtape encapsulates the essence of his remarkable career, featuring his greatest hits that have left an indelible mark on R&B and soul music. Glenn Lewis’s velvety-smooth voice and heartfelt lyrics have captivated audiences for years, and this mixtape is a testament to his enduring talent. From classics like ‘Don’t You Forget It’ to ‘Fall Again,’ each track showcases his vocal prowess and emotional depth. ‘Best Of Glenn Lewis’ is a celebration of a true musical virtuoso, making it a must-listen for fans old and new, a journey through the finest moments of his illustrious career.”

Glenn Lewis Songs Mp3

1Glenn LewisDon’t You Forget It
2Glenn LewisFall Again
3Glenn LewisIt’s Not Fair
4Glenn LewisSimple Things
5Glenn LewisThis Love
6Glenn LewisBack for More
7Glenn LewisIs It True
8Glenn LewisGood One
9Glenn LewisTake Me
10Glenn LewisUgly Face
11Glenn LewisCan’t Say Love
12Glenn LewisWhat’s Come Over Me

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