Best of Osita Muolokwu Songs Mp3 & DJ Mix; Mixtape


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Best Of Osita Muolokwu Music DJ Mix Mixtape

“Best Of Osita Muolokwu DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download” is a compilation of renowned tracks by Osita Muolokwu, a Naija highlife music icon. This mixtape presents a curated selection of his best songs, greatest hits, albums, and latest releases, offering a delightful array of highlife music that captures the essence of Nigerian musical traditions. It includes memorable tracks like “Onye Kwechili,” “Mmiri Nkem,” “Ndi Owerri,” and “Anyi Ga Eji Aku Eme.”

This DJ mixtape is thoughtfully assembled and tailored for fans of highlife music. It’s readily available for free download, making it easy to share with friends and fellow music enthusiasts. Osita Muolokwu, with his contributions to highlife music, holds a significant place in Nigerian music history, and this mixtape serves as a testament to his musical talent and dedication to the genre. Listeners can expect to enjoy a compilation of classic highlife melodies and a glimpse into the rich musical heritage of Nigeria through this collection.

Osita Muolokwu Songs Mp3

1Osita MuolokwuOnye Kwechili
2Osita MuolokwuMmiri Nkem
3Osita MuolokwuNdi Owerri
4Osita MuolokwuAnyi Ga Eji Aku Eme
5Osita MuolokwuOgene Udu Akommili
6Osita MuolokwuEzi Nwanyi Di Uko
7Osita MuolokwuOganiru Akalaka
8Osita MuolokwuIfunanya
9Osita MuolokwuOnye Oma
10Osita MuolokwuOnye Ike Nwere Nwa Nkita

osita muolokwu – live performance
osita muolokwu jesus eze udo
osita muolokwu ihe dika gi akolam
evang. osita muolokwu asi na obughi jehovah

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