Best of Paul CleverLee Songs Mp3 & DJ Mix; Mixtape


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Best Of Paul CleverLee Music DJ Mix Mixtape

The “Best Of Paul CleverLee DJ Mix Mixtape” is available for download and features a compilation of hit tracks by Nigerian producer and singer Paul CleverLee. The mixtape includes popular songs such as “Spirit Lead Me,” “Dibango,” “Carry Me Dey Go,” “Oniduro,” “Ogo Agbaye,” “Ueva,” and more. It presents a collection of his greatest hits, showcasing his diverse musical style and creative production.

Paul CleverLee, whose real name is Paul Olubanji, is a well-known figure in the Nigerian music scene. He was born and raised in Ibadan, Oyo State, and he studied Linguistics at the University of Ibadan. His musical journey began at a young age, and he developed his skills in playing musical instruments, especially the keyboard. Over the years, he honed his craft in music production and became recognized for his unique talents.

The mixtape offers listeners the opportunity to enjoy a selection of Paul CleverLee’s best songs, reflecting his creativity and contributions to the music industry. It encourages downloading, playing, and sharing the mixtape to spread the musical vibes among friends, family, and fellow music enthusiasts.

Paul CleverLee’s biography highlights his early start in music, his proficiency in playing instruments, and his commitment to music production. While the summary provides an overview of his career up to the time of writing, it’s essential to stay updated with official sources for the latest information on his music and achievements.

Paul CleverLee Songs Mp3

1Paul CleverLeeSpirit Lead Me – Oceans (Afrobeats Remix)
2Paul CleverLeeCarry Me Dey Go
3Paul CleverLeeDibango
4Paul CleverLeeOniduro
5Paul CleverLeeOgo Agbaye
6Paul CleverLeeUeva
7Paul CleverLeeCongo Makossa Vibe
8Paul CleverLeeIndendelede
9Paul CleverLeeI Am a Winner
10Paul CleverLeeWarisi
11Paul CleverLeeAnkara Messi
12Paul CleverLeeKelly Pro Max
13Paul CleverLeeSo Crazy
14Paul CleverLeeGimme Some
15Paul CleverLeeWho Is Your Bro?
16Paul CleverLeeI Am a Chosen
17Paul CleverLeeLollipop
18Paul CleverLeeAfro Squid
19Paul CleverLeeShey Normal
20Paul CleverLeeXtra Cool
21Paul CleverLeeXmas Carrot
22Paul CleverLeeI Don’t Have Shishi
23Paul CleverLeeDon’t Leave Me Take Me with You
24Paul CleverLeeAlalabi Mi
25Paul CleverLeeGroceries Anthem
26Paul CleverLeeWivout You
27Paul CleverLeeCardi vs Ghana
28Paul CleverLeeHeavenly Lord
29Paul CleverLeeCome & See
30Paul CleverLeeCome & See (Remix)
31Paul CleverLeePupu

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