Best of Saint Janet Songs Mp3 & DJ Mix; Mixtape


Best Of Saint Janet Music DJ Mix Mixtape

The “Best Of Saint Janet DJ Mix Mixtape” is a collection of Saint Janet’s hit tracks, featuring her greatest hits and songs from various albums. The mixtape includes popular songs like “Faaji Plus 1,” “Faaji Plus 2,” “Olori Ebi,” “All Eyes On Me,” “I Bet You Know,” “Ore Tuntun,” and more. Saint Janet is known for her unique indigenous Yoruba erotic lyrics, which set her apart in the music industry. Despite her earlier gospel music career, she transitioned to a different genre and embraced her distinct style.

This DJ mix is designed to provide listeners with a compilation of Saint Janet’s music, showcasing her confident and unabashed approach to her style of music. It features a blend of her sensual lyrics and compositions that evoke various emotions in the audience. The mixtape aims to entertain and engage the audience with Saint Janet’s distinctive musical style.

Listeners are encouraged to download, play, and share this mixtape with friends, family, and loved ones to enjoy the unique vibes of Saint Janet’s music. It caters to those who appreciate her genre and style.

Saint Janet Songs Mp3

1Saint JanetFaaji Plus 1
2Saint JanetFaaji Plus 2
3Saint JanetOlori Ebi
4Saint JanetAll Eyes On Me
5Saint JanetI Bet You Know
6Saint JanetOre Tuntun

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