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Early Life of Eiye Confraternity (Eiye Confraternity Biography)

The supreme eiye confraternity, also known as the national association of airlords, was founded in 1965 at the university of ibadan as a genuine desire to be free of bondage, ill-conceived regulation, and obnoxious taboo………..life of freedom and unrestricted expression………..its adhere to the principle of doing what was natural. The word of the day was freedom. (Baba goke adeniji is the world’s first ibaka.)

The following are the founders:  tunde aluko-businessman/consultant, civil servant segun idowu, historian/diplomat Jide Osuntokun, Dele Nwakpele-Professor, Folabi Epega – Entrepreneur, Bode Fadare -oil businessman, Bank Executive Bayo Adenubi, Librarian Goke Adeniji, Dele Lipede -Doctor The supreme eiye confraternity is a pure brotherhood association that was formed to promote: + the development of a better personality + mental development + the correction of societal ills + physical and mental development + instill discipline

The supreme eiye confraternity holds the following beliefs: + secrecy + auto-democracy + discipline + brotherhood +no feather no bird. The Supreme Eiye Confraternity is Nigeria’s ONLY indigenous brotherhood with no foreign beliefs, either by name or mode of operation. “I am confident that everyone who has ever fraternized will agree that one of the most serious issues confronting confraternities in Nigeria is misrepresentation by less superior fraternities, as well as widespread misunderstanding by the homosapien.

This has done nothing to dispel the myth that surrounds the entire fraternization ideology. However, we will separate the chaff from the wheat here. The Supreme Eiye Confraternity’s history can be traced back to the wise and noble “Aro Metta”. On June 15, 1969, the “Aro Metta” gathered under the Araba tree to draft what would be recognized as the Supreme Eiye Confraternity’s first constitution years later. This event marked the beginning of Nigeria’s most traditional and original fraternity. Eleye rose to power, fame, and recognition from the Araba nest. Unrestricted, undeterred, and unfazed, reaching far and wide. “Reaching as far as the sky allows.”


Best of Eiye Confraternity Mp3 Songs

Are you looking for old Eiye Confraternity songs? Below are best collection of Eiye Confraternity Mp3 songs you can download

1. Eiye Confraternity – Eiye rugged jorjor

2. Eiye Confraternity – Jojo (Fibk Okoko Nest)

3. Eiye Confraternity – Ujuri Vol 2

4. Eiye Confraternity – Jojo Akata

5. Eiye Confraternity – Tribute to Attacker Opepe

6. Eiye Confraternity – Jojo Elisha Mazonia

7. Eiye Confraternity – Igi Daduro Jojo

8. Eiye Confraternity – Jojo Anti Rebellion Regime 13

9. Eiye Confraternity – Jojo Reformation 2020 (Obeche)

10. Eiye Confraternity – Jojo 2012 (Akoko Regime)


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