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About Dan Mugula (Dan Mugula Biography)

Dan Mugula born July 8, 1946 at Najjooki – Gomba

Best Dan Mugula Mp3 Songs

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Below are best collection of Dan Mugula Mp3 old & New songs you can download

The best Dan Mugula Mp3 Songs Collections is a compilation of the best songs by Dan Mugula. It includes all the popular songs he has released over the years and also some unreleased songs that he made just for this album.

If you are Dan Mugula fan, this album is a must have in your collection.

1. Omwana Wabalo – Dan Mugula

Download Omwana Wabalo By Dan Mugula

2. Abagaga Bantumye – Dan Mugula

Download Abagaga Bantumye By Dan Mugula

3. Nvaako Ndi Mafumbo – Dan Mugula

Download Nvaako Ndi Mafumbo By Dan Mugula

4. Essalambwa – Dan Mugula

Download Essalambwa By Dan Mugula

5. Balaba Talimo – Dan Mugula

Download Balaba Talimo By Dan Mugula

6. Salambwa – Dan Mugula

Download Salambwa By Dan Mugula

7. Akange Nkagala – Dan Mugula

Download Akange Nkagala By Dan Mugula

9. Nvaako Ndimufumbo – Dan Mugula

Download Nvaako Ndimufumbo By Dan Mugula


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