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About Fred Maiso (Fred Maiso Biography)

Fred Maiso was a singer and song writer from Kampala, Uganda He was well known for his hit song “Ekimuli Kya Roza” which was loved by many of his fans all over the country He died in 2012.

Best Fred Maiso Mp3 Songs

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Below are best collection of Fred Maiso Mp3 old & New songs you can download

The best Fred Maiso Mp3 Songs Collections is a compilation of the best songs by Fred Maiso. It includes all the popular songs he has released over the years and also some unreleased songs that he made just for this album.

If you are Fred Maiso fan, this album is a must have in your collection.

1. Ekimuli Kya Roza – Fred Maiso

Download Ekimuli Kya Roza By Fred Maiso

2. Love Sikyambalo – Fred Maiso

Download Love Sikyambalo By Fred Maiso

3. Kiruma – Fred Maiso

Download Kiruma By Fred Maiso

4. Biveeko- Fred Maiso

Download Biveeko By Fred Maiso

5. Obulamu Bwa- Fred Maiso

Download Obulamu Bwa By Fred Maiso


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