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Best Of Collie Buddz Music DJ Mix Mixtape

The “Best Of Collie Buddz DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download” is a compilation featuring Collie Buddz’s hit tracks, including songs like “Come Around,” “Love & Reggae,” “Hold Firm,” and “Good Life.” This mixtape offers a selection of Collie Buddz’s reggae, dancehall, and reggae fusion music, allowing listeners to enjoy a range of his songs in one place.

Collie Buddz, whose real name is Colin Patrick Harper, is a Bermudian reggae artist known for his popular single “Come Around.” His music incorporates elements of reggae, dancehall, reggae fusion, and soca, showcasing his versatile style and musical influences.

Collie Buddz’s career started with his breakthrough single “Come Around,” which gained significant popularity. He has showcased a blend of musical styles, and his name is a reference to cannabis slang, reflecting his connection to the reggae culture.

Collie Buddz Songs Mp3

1Collie BuddzLove & Reggae
2Collie BuddzCome Around
3Collie BuddzBlind to You
4Collie BuddzMamacita
5Collie BuddzTomorrow’s Another Day
6Collie BuddzWhat a Feeling
7Collie BuddzHold Firm
8Collie BuddzShow Love
9Collie BuddzChill Out
10Collie BuddzSensimillia
11Collie BuddzGood Life
12Collie BuddzLegal Now
13Collie BuddzWild Out
14Collie BuddzDefend Your Own
15Collie BuddzBank
16Collie BuddzLet Me Know
17Collie BuddzPart Of My Life
18Collie BuddzGimmie Love
19Collie BuddzMovin’ On
20Collie BuddzMy Everything
21Collie BuddzLove Deh
22Collie BuddzTwisted Agenda
23Collie BuddzNow She’s Gone
24Collie BuddzLove is Life
25Collie BuddzPrivate Show
26Collie BuddzBounce It
27Collie BuddzBe Alright
28Collie BuddzBrighter Days
29Collie BuddzHoliday
30Collie BuddzNo Boundaries
31Collie BuddzLonely
32Collie BuddzHerb Tree

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