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Best Of Earl and Agemi Music DJ Mix Mixtape

Earl and Agemi, the trailblazing rap duo hailing from Bloemendal, Port Elizabeth, redefine Afrikaans rap with their socially conscious lyrics and innovative style.

The Best Of Earl and Agemi DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download features the dynamic duo’s top tracks, including “Dakskroef,” “My Los Bra,” “Altyd Bras,” “One Night Stand,” “Mal oor my baby,” “Slegte Ouens,” and more, showcasing their impactful and innovative Afrikaans rap style. This mixtape is a must-listen, offering a blend of socially aware lyrics that have set the duo apart in the music scene, making them trendsetters in the Afrikaans (COCO JONES) rap genre. Download, play, and share for a vibe-filled experience. Cheers to great music!

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Earl and Agemi Greatest Hit Songs Mp3 || Best of Earl and Agemi

  • Earl and Agemi – Dakskroef
  • Earl and Agemi – My Los Bra
  • Earl and Agemi – Altyd Bras
  • Earl and Agemi – One night stand
  • Earl and Agemi – Mal oor my baby
  • Earl and Agemi – Slegte Ouens
  • Earl and Agemi – Shabooya
  • Earl and Agemi – Valentine
  • Earl and Agemi – Mooi Man
  • Earl and Agemi – Bloemendal
  • Earl and Agemi – Ek  Weet Niks
  • Earl and Agemi – Onregverdig
  • Earl and Agemi – We’re Prober
  • Earl and Agemi – My lass bra

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