Best of Thomas Chauke Songs Mp3 & DJ Mix; Mixtape


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Best Of Thomas Chauke  Music DJ Mix Mixtape

The “Best Of Thomas Chauke DJ Mix Mixtape” is a compilation of songs by South African Xitsonga musician Thomas Chauke. The mixtape includes some of his notable tracks such as “Shimatsatsa,” “Wo Tiyisela,” “Xipereta,” “Movha,” “Ndzi Nwana Mani,” “Mavholovholo,” “Bangi Situlu,” and more. The mixtape is available for MP3 download and encompasses various songs from Thomas Chauke’s music repertoire, including his greatest hits and a mix of Xitsonga music.

Thomas Chauke, also known as Dr. Thomas Hasani “Shinyori” Chauke, was born on February 5, 1952, in Salema Village, Limpopo, South Africa. He is renowned for his contribution to the development of the Xitsonga language through his music. Chauke’s early life involved working in various fields before becoming a prominent musician.

His music genre is Xitsonga, and he has held roles as a singer, rapper, composer, and record producer. Chauke started his musical journey by forming a band in the late 1970s, which went through changes over time. He recorded his debut album “Shimatsatsa no. 1” in 1981, marking the beginning of his successful career. Throughout his career, Chauke has achieved numerous awards and recognitions, including diamond, gold, platinum, and multi-platinum discs.

The mixtape is described as being energetic and enjoyable, suitable for sharing with friends, family, and social circles. It features a collection of Thomas Chauke’s songs that span his extensive career, showcasing his contributions to Xitsonga music and his impact on the music scene in South Africa.

Listeners are encouraged to download, play, and share the mixtape, as well as to keep an eye on the platform for more upcoming mixtapes. The mixtape promises to bring good vibes and offers a way to appreciate the music of Thomas Chauke.

Thomas Chauke Songs Mp3

1Thomas ChaukeShimatsatsa
2Thomas ChaukeWo Tiyisela
3Thomas ChaukeXipereta
4Thomas ChaukeMovha
5Thomas ChaukeNdzi Nwana Mani
6Thomas ChaukeMavholovholo
7Thomas ChaukeBangi Situlu
8Thomas ChaukeKu Hava
9Thomas ChaukeTidzumba Taya N’wina
10Thomas ChaukeShimmy Jive
11Thomas ChaukeNdzi Tlakusela
12Thomas ChaukeNdzi Endla Yini
13Thomas ChaukeVana Va Wena
14Thomas ChaukeVana Va Tswene
15Thomas ChaukeNdzi Tsakisa
16Thomas ChaukeRivaleni
17Thomas ChaukeVana Va Tiki
18Thomas ChaukeI Don’t Want To Fight
19Thomas ChaukeHi Loko Loko
20Thomas ChaukeTlhomphanu
21Thomas ChaukeVana Va Vatsonga
22Thomas ChaukeMina Ngiyambonga
23Thomas ChaukeMadzhakadza
24Thomas ChaukeN’wa Mina
25Thomas ChaukeHupenyu Wangu

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