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Best Of Afande Sele Music DJ Mix Mixtape

Afande Sele is a prominent hip-hop and Bongo Flava artist hailing from the Morogoro Region in Tanzania, known for his influential contributions to the music scene.

The “Best Of Afande Sele DJ Mix Mixtape” offers a collection of hit tracks by Tanzanian hip-hop and Bongo Flava artist Afande Sele, featuring free mp3 downloads of his best songs, greatest hits, albums, and new releases. The mixtape includes popular tracks like “MKUKI MOYONI,” “Karata Dume,” “Darubini Kali,” “Dunia Ina Mambo,” “Dini Tumeletewa,” “Usinichukie,” and “Mji Kasoro Bahari.” Described as a lit mix, listeners are encouraged to download, play, and share the mixtape (JAY MELODY). Afande Sele, born Seleman Msindi in 1976, is known for his contributions to Tanzanian music, founding groups like ‘Ghetto Boys’ and ‘Watu Pori.’ He gained recognition for the song “Durbini Kali” and has been involved in various social campaigns, including the malaria campaign in 2005 and 2007.

Bongo Flava || Hip-hop

Best of afande sele music dj mix mixtape mp3 download
Best of afande sele music dj mix mixtape download
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Afande Sele Greatest Hit Songs Mp3 || Best of Afande Sele

  • Afande Sele – MKUKI MOYONI
  • Afande Sele – karata dume
  • Afande Sele – Darubini Kali
  • Afande Sele – Dunia Ina Mambo
  • Afande Sele – Dini Tumeletewa
  • Afande Sele – Usinichukie
  • Afande Sele – Mji Kasoro Bahari
  • Afande Sele – Nafsi ya mtu
  • Afande Sele – Sikufichi
  • Afande Sele – kwa vyovyote
  • Afande Sele – Miaka Kumi
  • Afande Sele – Mtu na pesa
  • Afande Sele – Safari
  • Afande Sele – Nisamehe
  • Afande Sele – Umeondoka
  • Afande Sele – Mayowe
  • Afande Sele – Usinidanganye
  • Afande Sele – Nyumba Ya Kupanga
  • Afande Sele – Pinda Bovu
  • Afande Sele – Mimi na Wewe Basi
  • Afande Sele – Tusahau
  • Afande Sele – Mbele Yako Nyuma Yako
  • Afande Sele – Nitarudi
  • Afande Sele – Tumaini
  • Afande Sele – Heshima
  • Afande Sele – Mpenzi Njoo
  • Afande Sele – Watu Pori
  • Afande Sele – Kama Ntapata Ukimwi
  • Afande Sele – Uwanja Mpya

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