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Best Of Leonard Dembo Music DJ Mix Mixtape

The “Best Of Leonard Dembo DJ Mix Mixtape” offers a collection of Leonard Dembo’s greatest hits and songs available for Mp3 download. Leonard Dembo was a renowned Zimbabwean guitar-band musician known for his sungura-based style, often incorporating traditional Shona sayings into his lyrics. The mixtape features tracks like “Chitekete,” “Shamwari yangu warova,” and “Tinokumbira Kurarama.” Leonard Dembo, born on December 29, 1959, in Chivi, Zimbabwe, tragically passed away on April 9, 1996, at the age of 36 in Harare.

The mixtape covers Leonard Dembo’s career, spanning from 1982 to 1996, and includes songs from his various albums. It’s a must-listen for fans of his music, providing a comprehensive collection of his songs for free Mp3 download.

Overall, the mixtape is a tribute to the legendary Leonard Dembo and his contribution to the music world, showcasing his sungura and adult contemporary music style. Fans are encouraged to download, enjoy, and share this mixtape with others to spread the good vibes of Leonard Dembo’s music.

Leonard Dembo Songs Mp3

1Leonard DemboChitekete
2Leonard DemboShamwari yangu warova
3Leonard DemboTinokumbira Kurarama
4Leonard DemboRuregerero
5Leonard DemboDzandimomotera
6Leonard DemboNzungu Ndamenya
7Leonard DemboTaidzikamisa
8Leonard DemboRwendo
9Leonard DemboMoyo Wangu
10Leonard DemboRumbidzai Jesu
11Leonard DemboNhamo Yangu
12Leonard DemboNzungu Ndamenya
13Leonard DemboSarura Wako
14Leonard DemboDare Guru
15Leonard DemboNherera
16Leonard DemboZii Zii
17Leonard DemboKukura Kurerwa
18Leonard DemboSoko Rangu
19Leonard DemboMunamato Wangu
20Leonard DemboKuwirirana
21Leonard DemboKunamata
22Leonard DemboZvaunondiita So
23Leonard DemboUsanyarewo
24Leonard DemboAmai Vangu
25Leonard DemboKamupira

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