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Abuchi Obosi Early Music Life (Abuchi Obosi Biography Tribe & Genre of Music i.e The Type of Music)

Abuchi Obosi is a renowned Nigerian highlife musician from Obosi, a city in Anambra State, southeastern Nigeria. He started his musical career at a young age, playing the flute and singing in his local church choir. He later joined a band called Agape Love Band, where he honed his skills and developed his unique style of highlife music.

Abuchi Obosi is known for his melodious voice, catchy lyrics and captivating stage performance. He has released several albums and singles, such as Ojijem Egbunam, Live on Stage, Ndi Ego and many more. His music is influenced by his Igbo culture and heritage, as well as by other genres such as reggae, gospel and afrobeat. Abuchi Obosi is one of the most popular and respected highlife artists in Nigeria and beyond.

Best of Abuchi Obosi Old and New Mp3 Songs

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1. Abuchi Obosi – Olili (Oriri)

2. Abuchi Obosi – Adindu Anagbako

3. Abuchi Obosi – Kambilibendu

4. Abuchi Obosi – Anulika

5. Abuchi Obosi – Kosisochukwu

6. Abuchi Obosi – Nnukwu Ike

7. Abuchi Obosi – Okechukwu


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