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Early Music Life Bobby Benson (Bobby Benson Biography)

Bernard Olabinjo Benson was born on 11 April 1921 in Ikorodu, Lagos State, into an aristocratic family. His older brother T. O. S. Benson (1917–2008) would become a successful politician. While at secondary school he also learned tailoring, but after leaving school he became a boxer for a brief period, and then a sailor in the Merchant Navy. In 1944, he left his ship in London, where he made his entertainment debut with the Negro Ballet, touring several European capitals. He met his wife, Cassandra (half-Scottish and half-Caribbean in origin), while in Britain, and on return to Nigeria in 1947 they established the Bobby Benson and Cassandra Theatrical Party.

Their performances included serious music, where he played guitar and saxophone while his wife danced. Based on the popularity of his music, he formed the Bobby Benson Jam Session, a dance band that played swing, jive, sambas and calypsos. In the 1950s, he expanded his band to 11 members, including a trumpet section, and began playing in the popular highlife style. Their first big hit was “Taxi Driver”, followed by several others.

Benson was an entertainer and a comedian as well as a singer, a great performer. He had a show on NTA in the 1970s, where he performed as a stand-up comedian and magician, as well as playing and singing. He became a friend of B.B. King and Hugh Masekela. Benson established the Caban Bamboo, a popular nightclub later converted into the Hotel Bobby.

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1. Taxi Driver – Bobby Benson

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2. Gentleman – Bobby Benson

Download Gentleman – Bobby Benson

3. Monkey Kiss- Bobby Benson

Download Monkey Kiss – Bobby Benson

4. Okokoko – Bobby Benson

Download Okokoko – Bobby Benson

5. Live performance – Bobby Benson

Download Live performance – Bobby Benson

6. Opika special – Bobby Benson

Download Opika Special – Bobby Benson



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