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Chimuanya & Chinedum Early Music Life (Chimuanya & Chinedum Biography Tribe & Genre of Music i.e The Type of Music)

Chimuanya & Chinedum are a Nigerian musical duo who specializes in Igbo highlife music. They started their musical career in 2018 with the release of their debut album, Father Father, which featured songs such as Onye Ma Uche Chukwu, Ogechi Ka Nma and Uwa Ozuru Onye.
The album was well received by fans of highlife music and showcased their talent and creativity. In 2020, they released their second album, Ogachi Ka Nma , which continued their success and popularity. Their music is influenced by their Igbo culture and heritage, as well as by other highlife legends such as Osita Osadebe and Oliver De Coque. Chimuanya & Chinedum are known for their harmonious vocals, catchy melodies and uplifting messages.

Best of Chimuanya & Chinedum Old and New Mp3 Songs

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1. Chimuanya & Chinedum – Ogechi Ka Nma Medley

2. Chimuanya & Chinedum – Father Father

3. Chimuanya & Chinedum – Ayakata Bongo

Download Chimuanya & Chinedum – Ayakata Bongo


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