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History of choir hymns (choir hymns introduction)

A hymn is a specific kind of song—partially interchangeable with a devotional song—written for adoration or prayer and usually addressed to a deity or deities, or to a famous person or personification. The Greek word “hymn” (hymnos), which means “a song of praise,” is where the word hymn originates. A hymnist is a person who writes hymns. Hymnody is the singing or composing of hymns. Hymnals or hymn books are collections of hymns. Hymns might or might not have musical accompaniment.

Hymns are a staple of other global faiths as well, particularly on the Indian subcontinent, despite the fact that hymns are most familiar to English speakers in the context of Christianity (stotras). Ancient hymns are still in existence, particularly those from the Greek and Egyptian cultures. Greek-language hymns are some of the oldest extant examples of notated music.

Best of choir hymns Mp3 Songs

Are you looking for  old choir  hymns songs? Below are best collection of choir hymns mp3 songs you can download.

1. Choir hymns  – Amazing Grace

Download mp3 Choir hymns  – Amazing Grace

2. Choir hymns – Abide with Me

Download mp3 Choir hymns  – Abide with me

3. Choir hymns – Be Thou My Vision

Download mp3 Choir hymns  –Be Thou My Vision

4. Choir hymns – How Great Thou Art

Download mp3 Choir hymns  –How Great Thou Art

5.  Choir hymns – Rock of Ages

Download mp3 Choir hymns  –Rock of Ages

6.  Choir hymns – Holy, Holy, Holy

Download mp3 Choir hymns  –Holy, Holy, Holy

7.  Choir hymns – Blessed Assurance

Download mp3 Choir hymns  –Blessed Assurance

8.  Choir hymns – All Things Bright and Beautiful

Download mp3 Choir hymns  – All Things Bright and Beautiful

9.  Choir hymns – I Surrender All

Download mp3 Choir hymns  – I Surrender All

10.  Choir hymns – Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Download mp3 Choir hymns  – Great Is Thy Faithfulness

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