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Ifeoma Ezeora Early Music Life (Ifeoma Ezeora Biography Tribe & Genre of Music i.e The Type of Music)

Sister Ifeoma Ezeora is an Igbo gospel praise and worship musician, songwriter, and music composer who was born in 1957 in Enugu, Nigeria. Her musical journey was greatly influenced by her childhood experiences growing up in an Igbo community.

Sister Ifeoma Ezeora is not only a talented singer, but also a songwriter and composer. She is well-known for her Igbo gospel music, which blends traditional Igbo rhythms with the spiritual depth of gospel songs.

“Ikpe Chukwu” is one of her best-selling albums. The album touched many people’s hearts, solidifying her position as a leading gospel singer. This album has become a favorite among gospel music fans due to her ability to infuse deep religious feelings into her music.

Aside from “Ikpe Chukwu,” Sister Ifeoma Ezeora has a long list of songs that her fans enjoy. Songs like “Obibia Ya” and “Oku Na Ere Ere” remain popular due to their strong blend of Igbo culture and Christian faith.

She is associated with Vinosco Music Ltd, a record label that has assisted her in reaching a wider audience with her music.

Sister Ifeoma Ezeora has had a significant impact on the Igbo gospel music scene. Her music continues to inspire and uplift many people. Her distinct blend of Igbo cultural rhythms and Christian themes has left an indelible mark on the genre.

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1. Ifeoma Ezeora – Ikpe Chukwu / Iga Ekwe Ka Obata / Chukwu Huru Uwa N’anya

2. Ifeoma Ezeora – Oku N’ere ere / Ezi Onye Ije

3. Ifeoma Ezeora – Ikpe Ga Eso Kwa N’Ike / Agaghi M Aju Gi / Nwanne M Lee

4. Ifeoma Ezeora – Emehiwo M Megide Gi / Obibia Ya

Download Ifeoma Ezeora – Emehiwo M Megide Gi / Obibia Ya

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