Igbo Catholic Mp3 Songs – All Top Best Tracks


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Brief History on the Igbo Tribe

The Niger-Congo language family includes the Igbo language. There is some mutual understanding between its localised dialects and the larger “Igboid” cluster. East and south of the Edoid and Idomoid groupings, and west of the Ibibioid (Cross River) cluster, is where the Igbo homeland is located.

Frederick Lugard established the Eze system of “warrant chiefs.” Unaffected by the Fulani War and the subsequent spread of Islam in Nigeria in the 19th century, they became predominately Christian under British colonial rule. The Igbo were politically fragmented prior to the period of British colonial rule in the 20th century by the centralised chiefdoms of Nri, Aro Confederacy, Agbor, and Onitsha. The Igbo experienced a strong sense of ethnic identity following decolonization.


Best of Igbo Catholic Mp3 songs 

Are you looking for igbo Catholic Mp3 songs ? Below are best collection of igbo Catholic Mp3 songs you can download.

1.  Jude Nnam – Tobenna

Download Mp3 Jude Nnam – Tobenna

2. Jude Nnam – Ekeresimesi Erutego 

Download Mp3 Jude Nnam – Ekeresimesi Erutego 

3.Jude Nnam –  Chizaram

Download Mp3 Jude Nnam –  Chizaram

4.  Jude Nnam  – Ife Chukwu

Download Mp3 Jude Nnam  – Ife Chukwu

5.UniZik choir  – Ave Maria

Download Mp3 UniZik choir  – Ave Maria

6. Jude Nnam – Kilibe Golibe

Download Mp3 Jude Nnam – Kilibe Golibe

7. Abu Oma Catholic – Sorom Tobe ChChukwu

Download Mp3 Abu Oma Catholic – Sorom Tobe ChChukwu

8. Jude Nnam – Aga M Eje N’Altar

Download Mp3 Jude Nnam – Aga M Eje N’Altar

9. Jude Nnam – Otito Diri Chineke 

Download Mp3 Jude Nnam – Otito Diri Chineke 

10. Jude Nnam – Chinecherem 

Download Mp3 Jude Nnam – Chinecherem


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