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About Ijaw (Ijaw Biography)

The Izon people or Izon Otu, otherwise known as the Ijaw people due to the historic mispronunciation of the name Izon, are an ethnic group majorly found in the Niger Delta in Nigeria, with significant population clusters in Bayelsa, in Delta, and in Rivers.

Best Ijaw Mp3 Songs

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Below are best collection of Ijaw Mp3 old & New songs you can download

The best Ijaw Mp3 Songs Collections is a compilation of the best songs by Ijaw artistes. It includes all the popular songs released over the years and also some unreleased.

If you are Ijaw fan, this album is a must have in your collection.

1. I Dey Thank My God – King Pereama Freetown

Download I Dey Thank My God By King Pereama Freetown

2. Ayoro Owei- King Robert Ebizimor

Download Ayoro Owei By King Robert Ebizimor

3. Enjoy Yourself – King Pereama Freetown

Download Enjoy Yourself By King Pereama Freetown

4. Life is Challange – King Robert Ebizimor

Download Life is Challange By King Robert Ebizimor

5. Enaibo Enibraladei – Gabriel P Ogoh

Download Enaibo Enibraladei By Gabriel P Ogoh

6. Vanity – Vego I. Thikan

Download Vanity By Vego I. Thikan

7. Music Icons – Izon Ebi

Download Music Icons By Izon Ebi

8. Diri Bou Kumo Okosuu Buluo – I. K Belemu

Download Diri Bou Kumo Okosuu Buluo By I. K Belemu

9. Ofonia Ama Puke – King Robert Ebizimor

Download Ofonia Ama Puke By King Robert Ebizimor

10. Life First – King Robert Ebizimor

Download Life First By King Robert Ebizimor


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