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About Ikem Mazeli (Ikem Mazeli Biography)

Ikem Mazeli, preferably known as “Material Onyenwe Egwu” is a mind blowing gyration-highlife singer who capably mixes Onitsha (Igbo) social rhythms with current melodic instrumentation.

Best Ikem Mazeli Mp3 Songs

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Below are best collection of Ikem Mazeli Mp3 old & New songs you can download

The best Ikem Mazeli Mp3 Songs Collections is a compilation of the best songs by Ikem Mazeli. It includes all the popular songs he has released over the years and also some unreleased songs that he made just for this album.

If you are Ikem Mazeli fan, this album is a must have in your collection.

1. Chukwu Abiama – Ikem Mazeli

Download Chukwu Abiama By Ikem Mazeli

2. Onye Mebie Uwa – Ikem Mazeli

Download Onye Mebie Uwa By Ikem Mazeli

3. Okosisi – Ikem Mazeli

Download Okosisi By Ikem Mazeli

4. Iga Agbanari Umu Agbogho – Ikem Mazeli

Download Iga Agbanari Umu Agbogho By Ikem Mazeli

5. Ije Awele – Ikem Mazeli

Download Ije Awele By Ikem Mazeli

6. Onye Lua Uka Special – Ikem Mazeli

Download Onye Lua Uka Special By Ikem Mazeli

7. Ife Adigo Mma – Ikem Mazeli

Download Ife Adigo Mma By Ikem Mazeli

8. Joy Nwa Obiozor – Ikem Mazeli

Download Joy Nwa Obiozor By Ikem Mazeli

9. Uwa Na Agba Okilikili – Ikem Mazeli

Download Uwa Na Agba Okilikili By Ikem Mazeli

10. Onye Anwuna Nga – Ikem Mazeli

Download Onye Anwuna Nga By Ikem Mazeli


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