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Kayode Fashola Early Music Life (Kayode Fashola Biography Tribe & Genre of Music i.e The Type of Music)

Kayode Fashola was a Nigerian musician who led the Music Makers, one of the most popular juju bands in the 1970s . Juju is a type of music that combines traditional Yoruba percussion with modern instruments and vocals. Fashola was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and belonged to the Yoruba tribe.

He started his music career as a drummer in a highlife band before forming his own group in 1967. He was known for playing a more down-home and authentic style of juju that appealed to the masses . He recorded several albums and songs that showcased his talent and versatility as a singer, songwriter and bandleader.

Best of Kayode Fashola Old and New Mp3 Songs

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1. Kayode Fashola – Ranti Omo Eniti Wo N’ise

2. Kayode Fashola – Iyawo to mo yayi Oko

3. Kayode Fashola – Ikawo Olaso

4. Kayode Fashola – Iyawo Gbo Temi

Download Kayode Fashola – Iyawo Gbo Temi

5. Kayode Fashola – Otafa Soke

Download Kayode Fashola – Otafa Soke

6. Kayode Fashola – Iyawo To Gbowe Ale

7. Kayode Fashola – Adigun Obasolape

8. Kayode Fashola – Kilo Gbojule

Download Kayode Fashola – Kilo Gbojule

9. Kayode Fashola – Aderemi Abass ESQ

10. Kayode Fashola – Iyawo To Ko Leta Siwa

Download Kayode Fashola – Iyawo To Ko Leta Siwa

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