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About Luke Ezeji (Luke Ezeji Biography)

Luke Ezeji popularly called Brother Luke Ezeji & His Voice Of Kingdom’s is a powerful Nigerian Gospel Artist

Best Luke Ezeji Mp3 Songs

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Below are best collection of Luke Ezeji Mp3 old & New songs you can download

The best Luke Ezeji Mp3 Songs Collections is a compilation of the best songs by Luke Ezeji. It includes all the popular songs he has released over the years and also some unreleased songs that he made just for this album.

If you are Luke Ezeji fan, this album is a must have in your collection.

1. Ebuli Nmiri Tughariba Mu – Luke Ezeji

Download Ebuli Nmiri Tughariba Mu By Luke Ezeji

2. Chukwu Eyewo Anyi Nwa – Luke Ezeji

Download Chukwu Eyewo Anyi Nwa By Luke Ezeji

3. Gba Ba Na Ime Jesus – Luke Ezeji

Download Gba Ba Na Ime Jesus By Luke Ezeji

4. Jesus Agbanwe Wo Onodu Mu – Luke Ezeji

Download Jesus Agbanwe Wo Onodu Mu By Luke Ezeji

5. Bia Detu Chineke Ile – Luke Ezeji

Download Bia Detu Chineke Ile By Luke Ezeji

6. Ijuna Inara Ozioma – Luke Ezeji

Download Ijuna Inara Ozioma By Luke Ezeji

7. Ebee K’ina Ala – Luke Ezeji

Download Ebee K’ina Ala By Luke Ezeji

8. Chim N’Efe Di Ndu  – Luke Ezeji

Download Chim N’Efe Di Ndu  By Luke Ezeji

9. Mmehe Nke Uwa Agwuwo – Luke Ezeji

Download Mmehe Nke Uwa Agwuwo By Luke Ezeji

10. Akonam Onu Uwam – Luke Ezeji

Download Akonam Onu Uwam By Luke Ezeji


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