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Biography of Maywood (introduction to Maywood)

Maywood was a Dutch singing duo consisting of sisters Aaltje  and Doetje  de Vries. They each took on a stage name for the project: Alie, a blonde, (songwriting, background and harmony vocals, keyboards) became “Alice May” and the dark-haired Edith (lead vocals) became “Caren Wood”.

The duo were active as recording artists between 1978 and 1992, and their best known songs are “Late At Night” (a #1 hit in the Netherlands, and a significant chart hit in several other nations), “Give Me Back My Love”, and “Rio”. All but one of their singles were written solely by Alice May; “Kom In Mijn Armen”, a #33 hit from 1989, was co-written by May and Aad Klaris. Through 1986, their material was produced and arranged by Pim Koopman; later records were produced by Koopman, Klaris, or Ton Scherpenzeel. They represented the Netherlands in the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest (Zagreb) with the song “Ik wil alles met je delen” (I Want to Share Everything With You), which finished in fifteenth place. The group split up in 1995, but re-formed for a series of Gerard Joling concerts with whom they performed a medley of their hit songs including “Mother, How Are You Today” (it became one of their most popular songs in Indonesia), in October 2013.In 2006 Alice announced her return without her sister Caren, but with an unknown artist named Rose Louwers. Their first performance was in Antwerp, Belgium, in December 2006.


Best of Maywood songs Mp3

Are you looking for old Best of Maywood songs Mp3? Below are best collection of Best of Maywood songs Mp3 you can download.

1. Maywood – since I met you

Download Mp3 Maywood – since I met you

2. Maywood – you treated me wrong

Download mp3 Maywood – you treated me wrong

3. Maywood – mother how are you today

Download mp3 Maywood – mother how are you today

4. Maywood – late at night

Download mp3 Maywood – late at night

5. Maywood – give me back my love

Download mp3 Maywood – give me back my love

6. Maywood – Pasadena

Download mp3 Maywood – Pasadena

7. Maywood – Rio

Download mp3 Maywood – Rio

8. Maywood – Mano

Download mp3 Maywood – Mano

9. Maywood – getaway

Download mp3 Maywood – getaway

10. Maywood – Star

Download mp3 Maywood – Star

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