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Prof Chikobi Early Music Life (Prof Chikobi Biography Tribe & Genre of Music i.e The Type of Music)

Professor Chikobi is a Multi talented and amazing Nigerian highlife singer, he grew up surrounded by traditional Igbo music and culture. He also developed a keen interest in the history and theory of Igbo music.

Professor Chikobi was a pioneer in the field of early music research and performance in Nigeria. He founded the Early Music Ensemble at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where he taught for over three decades. He also collaborated with other musicians and scholars from different parts of Africa and beyond, to promote and preserve the continent’s rich musical heritage. He published several books and articles on various aspects of early music, such as its historical sources, its social functions, its aesthetic principles, and its stylistic features. He was especially known for his expertise on the Igbo musical genres of egwu ota (court music), egwu ekpiri (masquerade music), and egwu ogene (metal gong music).

Best of Prof Chikobi Old and New Mp3 Songs

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1. Prof Chikobi – Aku Amaka

2. Prof Chikobi – Akadinma jide Aku

3. Prof Chikobi – Ndi Akuruo Uno Na Asia

4. Prof Chikobi – Odogwu Aburo Guy Name

5. Prof Chikobi – Mgbirigba Odogwu Ego

6. Prof Chikobi – Eze Ego Udu Bunch Special

7. Prof chikobi – Ihu Ogu

8. Prof Chikobi – Kwechili

9. Prof Chikobi – Nke Bu Ego Na Abia

10. Prof Chikobi – Agbagharizina (Contact Bu Ego)


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