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Saoti Arewa Early Music Life (Saoti Arewa Biography Tribe & Genre of Music i.e The Type of Music)

Saoti Arewa is a popular Islamic singer-songwriter and music performer from Nigeria. His real name is Alhaji Abdul-Azeez Abiodun Ajiroba. He started his music career in 1993 and has released over 10 studio albums. His stage name means “voice of the north” in Arabic and Yoruba languages. He is known for his unique sweet voice and style of music that blends Islamic teachings with social issues and entertainment. He has a large fan base across Nigeria and beyond. Some of his hit songs include ORO, Ise Olorun Oba, and Special Edition Night Party .

Best of Saoti Arewa Old and New Mp3 Songs

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2. Saoti Arewa – Jenrayewa Ft. Alhaji Saheed Osupa

3. Saoti Arewa – Human Reproduction (2.0)

4. Saoti Arewa – Esin Islam

5. Saoti Arewa – Ranti Ipin E Ft. Alhaji Saheed Osupa

6. Saoti Arewa – Aseda Mi

7. Saoti Arewa – Animals Reproduction (2.0)

8. Saoti Arewa – Planet (2.0)

Download Saoti Arewa – Planet (2.0)

9. Saoti Arewa – Emi Ni



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