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About the Urhobo People

The majority ethnic group of Delta State, one of Nigeria’s 36 states, and the fifth most populous ethnic nationality in the Federal Republic of Nigeria are the Urhobos. The Urhobo language is spoken by the Urhobo people.

Instead of a region, a collection of people are referred to as Urhobo. Urhobos make up about 6 million people. They are socially and culturally related to the Nigerian Bini people.

In the Delta and Bayelsa States of Nigeria, the Urhobo people inhabit a region limited by latitudes 6° and 5°, 15° North and longitudes 5°, 40° and 6°, 25° East. The Isoko to the southeast, the Itsekiri and Ijaw to the west, the Bini and Bini to the north, and the Ijaw to the northwest are their neighbors.

The two earliest kingdoms in Urhoboland are the Ughelli and Agbon Kingdoms. It is possible to date the Ughelli and Agbon Kingdoms to the 14th century. According to oral tradition, Oghwoghwa, a Prince from the Benin Kingdom, was the second son of Ughelli’s great ancestor and founding father, Ughelli (Ughene).  One of Urhobo land’s twenty-four kingdoms is the Okpe Kingdom.  Before the advent of the Portuguese in the 15th century, the Kingdom already existed. In the 17th century, the Okpe Kingdom is fully constituted. It is known that the Okpe people immigrated to create the modern-day Sapele, and the Orodje of Okpe continues to rule over Sapele’s territory.

The area of the Urhobo is made up of oil-rich evergreen forests.


Best Urhobo Highlife Mp3 Songs

Are you looking for old Urhobo Highlife Mp3 Songs, Below are best collection of Urhobo Highlife songs you can download.

1.Johnson Adjan – Ijoni Evume Me

Download Mp3 Johnson Adjan – Ijoni Evume Me

2.Johnson Adjan – Kobie

Download Mp3 Johnson Adjan – Kobie

3.Johnson Adjan – OWHARE

Download Mp3 Johnson Adjan – OWHARE

4.Johnson Adjan – Victory

Download Mp3 Johnson Adjan – Victory

5.Johnson Adjan – Ufoma

Download Mp3 Johnson Adjan – Ufoma

6.Johnson Adjan – Message To Ladies

Download Mp3 Johnson Adjan – Message To Ladies. 

7.Johnson Adjan –Aye Me Nuwobo

Download Mp3 Johnson Adjan –Aye Me Nuwobo.

8.Johnson Adjan – Urhobo Keni

Download Mp3 Johnson Adjan – Urhobo Keni

9.Johnson Adjan –Agogoshe

Download Mp3 Johnson Adjan –Agogoshe

10.Johnson Adjan -Ogheneme Ado

Download Mp3 Johnson Adjan -Ogheneme Ado



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