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Fatai Olagunju Early Music Life (Fatai Olagunju Biography Tribe & Genre of Music i.e The Type of Music)

Fatai Rolling Dollar was a Nigerian musician who played juju and highlife music. He was born in Lagos in 1927 and belonged to the Yoruba tribe. He learned to play the guitar and the agidigbo, a traditional thumb piano. He started his musical career in 1953 and formed his own band, Fatai Rolling Dollar and his African Rhythm Band, in 1957.

He recorded several songs for Philips West Africa Records, such as “Won Kere Si Number Wa” and “Ranka Dede”. He influenced many other musicians, such as Ebenezer Obey, King Sunny Ade and Fela Kuti. He died in 2013 at the age of 85.

Best of Fatai Olagunju Old and New Mp3 Songs

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1. Fatai Rolling Dollar – Iyawo Mapa Mi

2. Fatai Rolling Dollar – Omolore Aiye

3. Fatai Rolling Dollar – Ori Wa A Dara

4. Fatai Rolling Dollar – Orona

5. Fatai Rolling Dollar – Won Kere Si Number

6. Fatai Rolling Dollar – Aduke

7. Fatai Rolling Dollar – Allah Na Tu Ba

8. Fatai Rolling Dollar – Eko Akete

9. Fatai Rolling Dollar – Ero Ya

10. Fatai Rolling Dollar – Feso Jaiye

Download Fatai Rolling Dollar – Feso Jaiye


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